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Personal Training

Personal Training is the most direct way to achieve your individual fitness goals. We work with a range of private clients, from the athlete interested in expanding his/her overall fitness, to people who are brand new to fitness. Our industry-recognized coaches help you define your goals, design and customized program for you and personally guide you on your fitness journey. Your coach ensures that each session is as effective and efficient as possible.

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CrossFit Class is the core of our CrossFit program. This class is focused on functional CrossFit movements, which are in turn, the core movements of our daily lives. The CrossFit program selects the most effective exercises from multiple workouts and sports regimens. The activities range from metabolic conditioning (“cardio”) to gymnastics, from Olympic weightlifting to rowing, running and more. Workouts are constantly varied—so it never gets boring because it’s never the same twice! The result—increased overall fitness, which literally makes your daily life easier, your clothes fit better and your body starts reshaping.

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CrossFit Stony Brook Boot Camp

Boot Camp

The Boot Camp Class will feel familiar.  It’s an energetic interval workout, with plenty of cardio and basic CrossFit moves.  It’s still based on the CrossFit science, just without the advanced movements. If you’re CrossFit curious, but aren’t sure about the barbells or are a little intimidated by it…this class is a great way to work your way into it. You may find that you’re able to do more CrossFit activities than you realized!  

Boot Camp develops core strength and endurance while priming the body for fat loss. The program focuses on metabolic conditioning, body weight-based exercises, and functional moves. The classes are intense but really fun and can be adapted to physical ability and any individual needs.  We’re results-driven—and each session optimized your workout, moving boot campers through functional fitness movements and strength and body weight-based techniques. Our boot campers find that the program helps them achieve peak physical and mental performance—and appreciate the expert, focused coaching. Concretely, Boot Camp will teach you how to create and sustain a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Remote Coaching

Can't get to the gym, Don't let that stop you! Enjoy daily workouts, complete with video instruction, live online classes with a professional coach, nutrition guidance and a supportive virtual fitness community. A dedicated coach will help guide you through every workout and provide the accountability you need to be successful. Download our free 30 day at home workout plan and book your Free Virtual No Sweat Intro today.