Thanksgiving 2019

Thursday, November 28, 2019 - 03:48
Happy Thanksgiving From CrossFit Stony Brook

Happy Thanksgiving to all our members, friends and your family!  

On this day we give thanks, I want to say thank you to all our members and everyone that has come to try CrossFit at CrossFit Stony Brook. We appreciate your patronage and your trust in us. 

Janine and I want to thank all our coaches as well.  We couldn't do this without you!

Today I want you to take a moment to thank your body and appreciate all it does for you.  As we train to improve its easy to want more and overlook all that it does for us.

Todays Workouts format is based on a five course meal.  Have fun its a great WOD.

Soup - 5 rounds of:
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Goblet Squats 53/35#
Appetizer 4 Rounds of:
10 Box Jumps
Salad - 3 Rounds of:
10 Toes to Bar
15 KB Swings 53/35#
Main Course - 2 Rounds of:
20 Wallballs 20/14#
30 Situps
Dessert - Run 1 mile or Row 2K

Onlly 1 Class today at 9:30 am

Tomorrow we will have 2 classes - 9 am and 10 am